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Learn Macedonian

If Macedonian isn't your first language, it's essential that your Macedonian language skills are good enough for you to undertake an intensive and challenging academic course that's taught and examined in Macedonian. We expect our future students to achieve a good standard in spoken and written Macedonian.

The Institute of languages runs a two semester course for foreign students. The course is structured in two parts, each spans three months. The fee for the course 2020/2021 is 1,000 EUR in MKD equivalent.

 After successfully completing the course and receiving A level certificaes, the attendees can apply at one of the twelve faculties and three academies.


The first step for the prospective students is to gather all necessary documents and submit them to the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of nostrification and receiving a decision on recognition of their secondary school diploma. The purpose of the nostrification of the secondary school diploma is to facilitate the access to further higher education.

At the point of submitting the documents to the Ministry of education and science the applicants will receive a receipt with a number and date as a confirmation that their documents have been taken for assessment. Applicants should keep the receipt and submit its copy to the Admission office of Goce Delchev University for the purpose of applying to Macedonian language course.


Foreign students submit the following documents at the foreign student admission office:

  • A copy of the receipt issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia, notifying that the procedure for legal recognition of your secondary school diploma has already started
  • Copies of: Diploma for completed secondary education (Apostille seal on the diploma –for the countries that have signed the Hague convention and for the other countries a seal from the Ministry of foreign affairs)
  • Certificates for each completed secondary school year
  • Transcript (record of student’s grades)
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Copy of the first page of the passport (scanned and sent to the email address given below)
  • Medical certificate, including HIV and HEPATITIS C test

All of these copies must be certified by a public notary in the country the prospective students come from, and then translated in Macedonian by an official interpreter appointed by the court in the Republic of Macedonia and notarized.

The documents should be submitted personally or through an authorized person, who on the other hand has the right to submit documents only for one person during the academic year.

All applicants for students should have completed four-year secondary school, including those coming from Turkey.

After receiving the documents from the candidate, the official representative for foreign students should issue the following documents in period of three days:

  • Certificate for a full-time student in the preparatory classes for Macedonian language at the Institute for languages, at the Faculty of Philology in Shtip.
  • A study program of the envisaged education.

The obligation of the candidates is to sign a Contract for beginning a course for learning Macedonian organized by the Institute of languages at the Faculty of Philology. The students are required to take two courses, i.e. three months each, and after successfully passing the exams they receive certificates for A1 level and A2 level of knowledge. The student is required to pay an amount of 500 EUR for one course, or 1000 EUR altogether, on the drawing account listed in the Contract.


  • Цел на дознака: КУРС ПО МАКЕДОНСКИ ЈАЗИК за два семестри
  • Назив на примачот: УНИВЕРЗИТЕТ „ГОЦЕ ДЕЛЧЕВ“
  • Жиро сметка: 100000000063095
  • Износ: 61.600 денари
  • Сметка на корисник: 1600160330  788  22
  • Приходна шифра и програма: 723113
  • Програма: 44

Note: Students who take the course for the second or third time are required to pay 250 EUR in MKD equivalent on a drawing account listed below.