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International students

The status of a University student is obtained by enrolling in the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies at the faculties and the higher vocational institution at Goce Delcev University.

Students fulfill their rights and obligations as determined by law and the general acts of the University and its units.

Student Status

The status of a student, thereby a member of the academic community, is attained by enrollment in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies at a university or any kind of independent institution of higher education. The student can prove his status by using a Student’s Identification Card.

Student’s rights and obligations

The student has the right to:

  • quality studies and educational process as planned in the study programs;
  • free expression of thoughts and attitudes during the course of lectures;
  • speak out about the quality (evaluation) of teaching and teachers;
  • full-time studying and full-time student status, as well as the right to part-time studying and part-time student status;
  • constant progress, education and to complete the study program under the same conditions valid at the time of enrolment;
  • protect his/her student rights and obligations before the bodies of the higher education institution, and the right to protect his/her personal identity and student honor against abuse.

The student also has the right to:

  • study more than one study program from different specialties and to study additional courses;
  • use the library and the databases, the premises, the equipment (educational tools), software and the remaining scientific and professional infrastructure;
  • participate in the scientific-research and professional activity, which guarantee their copyright, invention rights, similar rights and rewards;
  • use the university’s facilities for sports and cultural activities;
  • participate in the forms of planning the student organizations appointed by the University Statute;
  • use vacation not less than 60 days in one calendar year;
  • realize cooperation with students from the country and abroad.

The student has the obligation to:

  • fulfill the tasks noted in the study programs;
  • implement the decisions from the management body, the Rector, i.e. the Director of the independent higher education institution;
  • act in accordance with the Student ethical code which is prepared and approved by the higher education institution in accordance with the student’s acting.