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Rector’s Board

Rector’s Board consists of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Institutes and Higher Vocational Schools one representative of the Student Parliament. Furthermore, the Secretary General of the University is also a part of the Rector’s governing body, however, without having the right to vote. The Rector’s governing body is managed by the Rector.

The responsibility of the Rector’s Board is to:

  • prepare and suggest acts and materials for issues which are decided by the Senate;

  • determine and publish the call for open competition for first and second cycle studies with prior approval from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;

  • give an opinion on study programmes prepared by faculties and higher vocational institutions;

  • appoint and dismiss the University’s secretary general, as proposed by the Rector;

  • make decisions on current international cooperation of the University;

  • regulate the issuance of diplomas and other documents for completed studies of higher education;

  • determine proposals for the amount of the tuition fee for each faculty or higher vocational institution;

  • decide upon issues related to the University publishing activities and performs other duties as regulated by the University Statute.