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  • University Sports Center

    The University Sports Center develops and promotes the sport activities of the students and employees. The University Sports Center comprises teams of different sports. At the moment there are university basketball clubs, table-tennis, volleyball and chess. All students that have affinity towards the sport can realize it through games on tournaments and other competitions on university level in the Republic of Macedonia.

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  • The University Cultural Center

    The University Cultural Center organizes events, promotes different artistic activities performed through series of art exhibitions, stage production, film production, music concerts, book promotions, magazines and other publications, discussions, workshops and art performances. The University’s Cultural Center Team goal is not only to preserve the classical forms of art, but continuously follow and explore modern movements in the field of world culture and art, and in that way provide the students and all interested citizens with ultimate cultural and artistic experiences.

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  • Interuniversity Cooperation Center

    The Interuniversity Cooperation Center promotes cooperation between Goce Delcev University and other universities in Macedonia and abroad. The ICC takes part in preparing, signing and implementing cooperation contracts, preparing and implementing exchange programmes for staff and students with other universities. It also provides the University units with information about opportunities for international, scientific and technical cooperation. The Center issues forms and samples on how to fill a successful application form for international projects; it also takes care of the overseas travel arrangements for University employees, as well as ensure residence of foreigners coming to Goce Delcev University.

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  • Public Relation Center

    The public relation center regularly informs the public and meaningfully presents information and contents about the functioning of Goce Delcev University structures. The center ensures continuous presentation of accurate and truthful information that refer to students and wider public.

    In order to establish and maintain systematic, efficient and responsible communication with the wider public the Center organizes press-conferences, forums, cultural events, plans and realizes granting awards and diplomas, the University Patron Day, the beginning of the new academic year and other activities.

    The Public Relation Center at Goce Delcev University in Stip establishes communication with the wider public in the country and with other subjects connected to the University abroad.

    Within the framework of the University, the radio “UGD FM” successfully operates and its programme can be followed on the frequency of 91,0 megahertz in Stip and the nearby area. What is more, all users of Internet are able to follow the programme online. All interested students, not only the students from the study programme of Journalism at the Faculty of Law, participate in the realization of the programme that has informative, entertaining and educational purpose.

    The TV Department, as separate one, is responsible for production and realization of the internal IP television within the framework of Goce Delcev University in Stip, which is broadcasted in all campuses of the University. The sophisticated technology enables different contents to be produced for every campus, as well as on every TV set. There are more than 20 TV sets on the premises of the University, all of them broadcasting the programme created by the University and broadcasted from the IT Center.

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  • About the Lifelong Learning Center

    The Lifelong Learning Programme (continuous education) aims to prepare, realize, coordinate and organize activities related to lifelong learning in order to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as improve competencies, obtain new skills, qualifications and opportunities for professional development.

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  • E-learning Center

    The Electronic Learning Center is responsible for promotion and implementation of modern tools for learning at the University, new technologies (interactive whiteboards, graphic whiteboards, multimedia software and hardware, audio-visual equipment, etc.), as well as training for teachers and students from universities and schools in Macedonia and abroad.

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  • Quality Assurance Center

    The Quality Assurance Center collects, analyses and uses relevant information for effective management of the study programmes and other activities of the University. It strives to improve and refine the education that the University offers to its students.  The Quality Assurance Center, in cooperation with the Rector’s office, elaborates and implements forms and procedures, which assure that the teaching staff included in the training of students is qualified and competent for the work it performs.

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  • IT – Center

     The mission of the IT Center is to provide fast and efficient work, communication of the staff involved at Goce Delcev University, Stip. The vision of the Center is to create one integrated University, where the technology and information will be on a highest level. The IT Center at Goce Delcev University, plans, implements and maintains the information system and the computer network of the University, e-mail and the login system, the system for registration of the staff and students, web portal and also they work on protection and storage of data. Several departments are established within this center:

    • Department for software maintenance;
    • Department for hardware and network maintenance; 
    • Department for IT maintenance for employees and students.

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  • Alumni Club

    The main objective of this center is to connect the graduates and employers, and thus develop the awareness among them about the current conditions on labour market, which means that employers are demanding something more than diploma. The club is available to students in order to help them develop skills and acquire knowledge that is extremely important for their future jobs and employment, to acquire working experience during their studies and to be introduced to the community of employers and their rules, as well as to learn to think constructively for the given opportunities.

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