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UGD and Microsoft cooperation is deepening - Microsoft Student Ambassadors Program is open
Students at “Goce Delchev” University will have the opportunity to be part of Microsoft's Student Ambassador program, which opens up great opportunities for all students.
Objective grading in online conditions is possible
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Goce Delchev” University was amongst the first higher education institutions in the country that quickly adapted to the new situation.
UGD is going ‘hybrid’
University Goce Delcev–Stip has brought the decision to introduce a hybrid instruction model this academic year: hybrid courses refer to classes where there is a carefully planned blend of both traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities.
First enrollment date: Anticipated fair interest in UGD
The preliminary results from the first enrollment date of University Goce Delcev have shown fair interest by the prospective students. According to the information given by the Vice-rector professor d-r Mishko Djidrov, the number of enrolled students is similar to the last year’s, and it is around 1100 candidates for the 12 faculties and 3 academies, which UGD is comprised of.
In response to the coronavirus crisis, UGD increases the cooperation with Microsoft on the use of new tools
The current state of the higher education institutions asked for certain changes in the educational process. UGD has adopted to the new situation and by using its electronic tools has managed to deal with the situation and maintain the teaching process successfully.
UGD to host 22 Erasmus students
This semester will see a total of 22 Erasmus students at UGD as it welcomes internationals from France, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Lithuania.
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